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It's flu season. Or is that flue season?

Either way it is the reason to take extra steps, especially now. Old man winter is about to battle mother nature and both will be equipped with the best possible antidotes.

CRACKLE. An example of onomatopoeia at it’s finest. Close your eyes ( figuratively as you are reading right now ) and listen while the crackle of the leaves outside snap against the side of window as they fall to the ground for a winter hibernation. Skate blade on a clear frozen lake. Aurora Borealis dancing down to meet an earthbound partner. The SCENT and sound of the roast ham or turkey skin during the holiday season. The sibilant hiss of celebratory fireworks streaking across the sky. A limb of pine breaking down from tinder to coal at a campfire…the slow burning, damp acrid wet wood sap popping in your fireplace on a stormy night…….hey! Hang on a second. The slow burning hissing in your fireplace is NOT a good thing. Well, it IS as it is warning you that your chimney is beginning to lose a battle with harmful creosote build-up.

Immediate response would be to allow that fire to go out. Do NOT add more wood. Do NOT pass go. Do NOT collect home remedies. This is ONE home chore that is best left for the professionals. Save yourself thousands of dollars in potential chimney repairs from liner to cap to complete rebuilds. More importantly, save your home, your life and those of yours around you.


You’ve checked your last service date certificate…and even though you are within the date coverage, your simple senses are saying:

  1. 1. You haven’t had a fire in days, yet you can still smell lingering burning wood.
  2. 2. Your fire won’t stay lit or is burning very slow.
  3. 3. You see non-wood debris in the ashes during a clean out. From bits of metal to perhaps even something along the lines of a puffy hornet nest or bees honeycomb bits.
  4. 4. The bricks are sandy or white powdery color.
  5. 5. Some of the mortar has been chipped and flaked away.
  6. 6. You are greeted with a billowy backdraft of smoke during the lighting of the fire.
  7. 7. Your service certificate is ACTUALLY outdated.

If you are privy to one or more of these signs, don’t delay. Call our service center where the fully trained triage dispatch team will quickly and efficiently schedule with you to suit your needs, time frame and budget. From there, our house technicians will arrive and become the solution before the problem.

Our service teams know the importance of their job and how equally you are relying on them to keep you safe. From both fire and environmental necessity at this time in our world. Not only are they bonded, insured, and regularly updated and tested for skill level upkeep, they arrive at your location in a professional manner:

  • Social Distancing Observed and Expected.
  • Fully masked with proper ID credentials and vehicles.
  • Sanitized foot coverings.
  • TYVEK suits.
  • TOP NOTCH tools, brushes and other materials.

Upon completion, they leave your home in tip top shape. No fuss, no muss, no additional worries for you. We face an unknown challenge this fall and winter and quite possibly through another new spring year and beyond. As fuel costs rise, those who heat alternatively with a wood fireplace, stove or pellet fed furnaces will need to be on higher alert for any signs of wear and tear and a clean chimney should be on your list of top home maintenance routines. If you’re a tenant, contact your landlord/lessor and double check that they have you scheduled in for a cleaning as well. Check with you home-owners insurance agent and inquire about any discounts that may be applied to your policy and inform them of your plans.

DMV Duct Cleaning is standing by to be your Guardian Angel. From dryer vents to AC/Furnace and Fireplace, we will safeguard you 24/7. Just a phone call away, or via online reservation system, you get a FREE quote and the FREEDOM to breathe easier at night, knowing that crackle is just another dance sent down from the night sky.

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